Highway 10 in western Manitoba is about to get a $67-million face lift.

The improvements include new passing lanes, adjusting the highway's curves and asphalt resurfacing to make the highway safer and ease congestion from Riding Mountain National Park to the U.S. border, Premier Greg Selinger announced Thursday.

"Highway 10 is western Manitoba's main route to our major trading partner, the United States. It also links several east-west routes and taps into the Trans-Canada Highway at Brandon," Selinger said.

"We know we need good core infrastructure to fuel steady growth in our rural economies that leads to good jobs at home for our young people."

Selinger said the upgrades announced are in addition to $64 million in other projects recently completed or underway on the same highway and are part of a five-year plan that will see all of the new revenue from the PST increase devoted to building Manitoba's core infrastructure, including roads and bridges, flood protection and municipal infrastructure like sewer and water systems.