Manitoba and Winnipeg both still rank among the most dangerous places in Canada, even though crime rates are falling.

According to new numbers by Statistics Canada, Manitoba has the second highest crime rate. Only Saskatchewan is worse.

As for Winnipeg, it ranks fourth among Canadian cities when it come to severe crimes.

The only cities that rank higher are Regina, Saskatoon and Kelowna.

Andrew Glass, a volunteer with Winnipeg’s Downtown Watch, said the city is difficult to sell to tourists.

"They think they always see the crime, and they don’t always see the positive in it. There’s festivals -- a lot of positive things here," said Glass.

William Whyte’s Residents’ Association isn’t waiting for police to help change that reputation. They’re out patrolling nightly to try and reduce crime in their neighbourhood.

"We make a special effort to be good citizens in reporting crime and crime prevention," said Annette Champion-Taylor who patrols with the association. "It’s educating residents they can make a difference if they take steps to report things."

She said slowly but surely the group is having an impact on crime in the neighbourhood.

"I know of different drug houses that have closed down," she said.

Winnipeg saw a five per cent decrease in the severity of crimes and a three per cent overall drop in crime between 2011 and 2012.