Manitoba population surges

Manitoba has recorded its largest population increase in 16 years.

Manitoba has recorded its largest population increase in 16 years.

According to a Statistics Canada report released on Tuesday, the province's population as of the end of June was at 1,221,964. That's an increase of more than 5,800 residents since the end of March, according to the agency.

New immigrants made up most of the growth, with more than 12,000 moving to Manitoba since last year.

Another factor noted by Statistics Canada is that significantly fewer Manitobans left the province for Alberta and British Columbia than in previous years.

The 0.48 per cent increase in Manitoba's population between the end of March and end of June surpassed the national rate of 0.36 per cent.

Canada's population rose by 121,200 to 33,739,900 in that same time, propelled by an influx of new immigrants and a high number of births, Statistics Canada reported.

'Remarkable' growth

Since July 1, 2008, Manitoba's population has grown by 15,864 people, Competitiveness, Training and Trade Minister Nancy Allan announced on Tuesday.

That's an increase of 1.32 per cent, which is well above Canada's growth rate of 1.24 per cent in the same time.

"In fact, the growth of Manitoba's population since 1999 has been quite remarkable," Allan added. "In the last 10 years, Manitoba's population has increased by nearly 80,000.

"This growth was more than double the increase of the previous 10-year period."