Manitoba's NDP government has shot down an opposition demand for an inquiry into the actions of a former cabinet minister.

The NDP majority voted against a Progressive Conservative motion in the legislature for a committee to be set up to investigate Christine Melnick.

Melnick came under fire for using civil servants to round up immigrant support workers for a political event two years ago.

She initially denied being behind the plan, then admitted it, but said she was acting under the direction of the premier's staff.

Premier Greg Selinger has denied that accusation, and the opposition says an inquiry is needed to find out who is telling the truth.

The controversy will undergo another probe — the provincial ombudsman is investigating a Tory accusation that the government tried to cover up an email that proved Melnick used civil servants for her political debate.

Selinger ousted Melnick from the NDP caucus in February and she now sits as an independent.