The Manitoba government has recovered close to $1 million from criminal activity, money that will be reinvested in law enforcement and victims services.

The money, $960,000, comes from two traffic stops near Headingley. The money was transferred to the province as part of the Criminal Property Forfeiture Fund, Justice Minister Andrew Swan announced Monday.

In the first one, RCMP seized $735,000 being transported in a vehicle and in the second, Winnipeg police found $225,000 hidden in a truck bedliner.

"These are some of the largest successful forfeitures in the province's history," Swan said. "We continue to take very large sums of money out of crime and reinvest that money across the province, supporting victims, police and public safety programs."

Under the Criminal Property Forfeiture Act, money that has been illegally obtained or used in illegal activity can be seized and deposited into the Criminal Property Forfeiture Fund.

The money is then redistributed through grants to law enforcement agencies, community organizations and victims of crime.

More than $7.3 million in assets have been successfully forfeited to Manitoba through criminal property forfeitures since 2010.

There are currently more than 150 forfeiture files being pursued involving vehicles, properties and cash,Swan said.