An NDP MLA is staying mum about what happened at the party's caucus meeting Wednesday.

A source tells CBC St. Norbert MLA Dave Gaudreau left in anger after he told party members he was getting a lot of negative comments about party leader Greg Selinger at the doorstep. 

The NDP, in power since 1999, is running to remain in office in spite of Selinger admitting in election ads, "It's been a tough year.... We haven't always gotten it right."

Dave Gaudreau

St. Norbert NDP MLA Dave Gaudreau says he left a party meeting this week after a frustrating exchange. (CBC)

In a statement to CBC News Saturday, Gaudreau said, "Our caucus is a place where we talk to each other and sometimes express frustrations. That's what happened."

Gaudreau added he did leave the meeting, but it was because he was not feeling well.

"Whatever they want to say they can say," he said, referring to rumours about the tension among caucus members as the spring election nears. 

Gaudreau said he is getting a good reception to his bill that would forbid bosses from requesting sick notes until a worker has missed at least seven days in a calendar year.

But Gaudreau refused to elaborate on what else came up in caucus.

"I won't say more, I don't violate the trust," he said in a statement.