Three decorated First World War veterans from Winnipeg’s West End will have their medals displayed in the Manitoba Museum this summer.

Corporal Leo Clarke, Sgt-Major Frederick William Hall and Lt. Robert Shankland were all awarded the Victoria Cross medal for their bravery and service nearly a century ago.

All three men hailed from Pine Street, which was subsequently renamed Valour Road in their honour in the 1920s.

The effort to bring the medals back to Winnipeg was spearheaded by the Royal Military Institute of Manitoba, the Canadian War Museum and the Manitoba Museum. 

Retired Maj.-Gen. Dennis Tabbernor was instrumental in bringing the medals to the Manitoba Museum.

"To see the three medals of the Pine Street Boys in one place at one time I think will be very emotional for some people," said Tabbernor."This is the first time in history that the three medals have been together in one place at one time, i.e. back here in Winnipeg, so this is sort of a once in a lifetime event."​

The medals will be on display in the foyer of Alloway Hall at the Manitoba Museum starting Aug. 6, a hundred years from when a state of war had been declared against Germany, and wrapping up Nov. 14 to coincide with Remembrance Week.