One Manitoba museum is on the hunt for a group of gargoyles, and they’re asking Winnipeggers for help finding them.

The Manitoba Museum recently acquired two gargoyles that used to adorn the Winnipeg Tribune building on Smith Street in the city's downtown.

But there used to be more and the museum wants them in their collection.

"In 1914, when Winnipeg was really booming and the paper was really booming, they built a new building on Smith Street, and they placed these 14 gargoyles on top of that building," said Roland Sawatzky, the museum's curator of history.

The gargoyles were mounted on the sixth floor of the building for five decades, until they were removed from the structure in 1969.

Some were sold and some were given to Tribune employees, and the whereabouts of the 12 remaining gargoyles is unknown.

"We’re wondering if people in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada might have one of these," said Sawatzky.

Anyone who thinks they might have one is asked to contact the museum.