A Manitoba RCMP officer has been convicted of threatening to kill a fellow officer who was dating his ex-girlfriend.

A judge found Const. David Obirek, 44, guilty of uttering threats on Wednesday, rejecting the Mountie's claim that he was simply venting when he sent a series of text messages in 2011.

The texts indicated that Obirek wanted Const. Landon Durston dead because Durston was dating Obirek's former girlfriend.

Durston and the woman have since moved out of Manitoba because of safety concerns.

The RCMP confirmed Obirek's conviction and told CBC News he was suspended from the police force at the time of his arrest.

Obirek was stationed in Selkirk, Man., before he was suspended. His status, in light of the conviction, has yet to be determined, according to a police spokesperson.

Obirek will be sentenced on Aug. 29.