Manitoba millionaires gift spree continues

Kirby and Marie Fontaine are at it again with their giving ways.
Kai Madsen with Marie and Kirby Fontaine following their $50,000 donation to the Christmas Cheer Board. (Christmas Cheer Board)

Kirby and Marie Fontaine are at it again with their giving ways.

The Manitoba multi-millionaires, who have spread their wealth since winning a $50-million Lotto Max draw in 2009, just topped up a few charities in the province.

After giving the Christmas Cheer Board a cheque on Thursday for $50,000, the Fontaines followed up by giving $50,000 each to Siloam Mission and Winnipeg Harvest food bank.

On Friday, the generous couple struck again, giving $50,000 each to Rossbrook House and the Boys and Girls Club of Winnipeg.

Marie and Kirby Fontaine gave $50,000 each to several worthy causes. (Winnipeg Harvest)

A spokesperson for Siloam, a downtown Winnipeg homeless shelter and soup kitchen, said the Fontaines dropped the money off late Thursday.

The Fontaines chose Siloam because they feel connected to the population and wanted to help, according to the spokesperson.

She said people at the mission are having a hard time believing it happened, adding it will feed a lot of people.

The philanthropic but publicity-shy Fontaines have shared their money in many ways — often with little or no fanfare.

In December 2009, a month after their big win, they covered the tab for a Winnipeg girl's hockey equipment.

The couple, who continue to live on the Sagkeeng First Nation northeast of Winnipeg, have funded a Sagkeeng hockey team for youth, including paying for new, top-of-the-line equipment, as well as a baseball tournament.

They have also reportedly funded a hot-meal program at a school in the community.