A Winnipeg marathon winner is training for an unusual race.

Manitoba long-distance runner Corey Gallagher has been invited to the first World Beer Mile Championships in Austin, Texas in December.

Why has the athlete decided to take up the invitation?

"Whether it be indoors or outdoors, a lot of people like to let loose,” said Gallagher. “They have been going for x-amount of months without drinking, they like to stay and just focus on running, and it’s kind of a way to let loose, have some fun because you are at your peak fitness.”

Gallagher has to start the competition off by chugging a beer, followed by a quick, surly jaunt around a 400 metre track. And he has to do it four times.

Gallagher’s approach to training for the Beer Mile is a lot different than training for a regular race. He has been practising by chugging water.

"It's different than just running, because when you are running you are kind of breathing heavy and you are not really relaxed,” said Gallagher.

“And then you’ve got to try and put something down, so you almost [have to] hold your breath, try and take it down, you are trying to burp, it's foaming up, and then you start running – so, it's really trying to keep everything down.”