Thousands of runners lace up for Manitoba Marathon

About 12,000 runners are celebrating Father’s Day by taking to the streets for the annual Manitoba Marathon.

Sunday marathon winner comes in with time of 2:38, athlete promises to be even faster next time

2017 Manitoba Marathon 1:43

About 12,000 people are coming down from their runner's high after the Manitoba Marathon, but only one could come in first. 

The winner of this year's race is Teresa Fekensa, who moved to Canada from Ethiopia and lives in Toronto.

Teresa Fekensa won the 2017 Manitoba Marathon in 2:38. (Julianne Runne/CBC)
This was his first time competing in Winnipeg, but he said, through a translator, that it won't be his last for the country.

"My goal is to run for Canada and win for Canada," he said. "I'm very happy I won in Manitoba for the first time and I'll come many more times to win."

Fekensa is planning on an athletic career, representing his new home country.

His time in today's marathon was 2:38, but he promised to get even faster next time. 

George Steciuk completed his fifth half-marathon Sunday. (Erin Brohman/CBC)
George Steciuk, 80, was in high sprits after completing his fifth half-marathon. 

He's glad he fulfilled his commitment to 80 donors who donated to a charity of their choice.

"I did my part! So that's great," he said. 

Every year he tells his wife it's going to be his last race. But, pointing to his bib No. 8442, he said it might be a sign that when he turns 84 he should do the full 42-kilometre marathon.

"But don't tell my wife!"

Théo Roy, 11, did the SuperRun in his wheelchair. (Thomas Asselin/CBC)
Théo Roy did the 2.6-kilometre SuperRun in his wheelchair with his dad and some teammates. "It was hard, my arms are really, really tired," said the 11-year-old. "But when it was on streets, it was pretty light and easy."
A runner celebrates as she crosses the finish line at Investors Group Field. (Thomas Asselin/CBC)

Top 5 male marathoners: 

  1. Teresa Fekensa, Toronto, 02:38:03.2
  2. Jeremy Walker, East St. Paul, Man. 02:39:07.9
  3. Jeff Sacco Winnipeg, 02:44:21.3
  4. Steffan Reimer Blumenort, Man. 02:45:12.2
  5. Chad Johnston, Victoria, B.C. 02:47:43.5
At centre-left, in pink, Winnipegger Emily Ratzlaff was the first-place female in Sunday's marathon at 03:14:38.8. She stands with other medallists, from left: Rebecca Cunnane, Ali Cummings, Emily Ratzlaff, Teresa Fekensa, Jeremy Walker, Jeff Sacco. (Julianne Runne/CBC)

Top 5 female marathoners: 

  1. (26) Emily Ratzlaff, Winnipeg, 03:14:38.8
  2. (28) Ali Cummings, Sudbury, Ont. 3:16:19.0
  3. (30) Rebecca Cunnane, Winnipeg, 03:16:36.4
  4. (32) Taylor Whittamore, Toronto, 03:17:09.4
  5. (40) Robynn Clark, Winnipeg, 03:19:38.8

More statistics from Sunday's race are available here.