Winnipeg gardeners are set to battle the bunnies again this year, as the little creatures wreak havoc on flower beds and lawns.

But one Manitoban thinks he has a solution to the annual battle.

Doug Broska said he found a surefire way to keep the bunnies at bay in the 1980s. After a summer of trying to ward off the little hoppers, he heard a rumor that if you put predator manure on your property, it would scare them away.

So Broska stopped by the zoo, and when he saw two men cleaning out the Siberian tiger cage, he asked for a favour.

"I told the guys what I wanted it for and they just chuckled and said, ‘Sure,’" said Broska.

"They gave me a home gunnysack full of really fresh and pungent Siberian tiger poop."

Broska took the bag home to his property just outside of Winnipeg.

"I took it and spread it around the perimeter of the garden and then inside the garden itself," said Broska.

"If I remember correctly, it did a really remarkable job of keeping the bunnies and the deer away."

Broska said his garden stunk, and he didn’t repeat the stunt ever again.

Officials from the Assiniboine Park Zoo said they do not give out animal manure, but it can be bought from garden centres.