Manitoba Liberals brought in a federal party star to help kick off their provincial campaign and the party's leader predicts surprise gains in the coming election.

Quebec MP Justin Trudeau helped rally Liberal supporters Wednesday night at Winnipeg's Crescentwood Community Club.

And on Thursday, Trudeau and Manitoba Liberal Leader Jon Gerrard were at the campaign launch of Liberal candidate Roldan C. Sevillano Jr. in Winnipeg's Tyndall Park riding. The Liberals say they are pumped and are forecasting change when Manitobans vote on Oct. 4.

The Liberals announced parts of their platform Wednesday including a policy to build opportunity for young people in Manitoba.

"On October 4th, there will be more Liberals in the legislature than Manitobans have seen in a generation," Gerrard predicted. "Liberals are excited to be campaigning on issues that build strong families and healthy communities and Justin is such a strong advocate for these issues," Gerrard said.

Long-time liberal supporter Gunther Grosskamper also is optimistic the party will gain more support this election.

"It might just be a right time for a change. Look what happened federally, the NDP breaking through perhaps something similar like that can happen with the Liberals in Manitoba."

Liberals have nominated a full slate of 57 candidates in Manitoba. The NDP currently hold 36 of the 57 seats in the legislature, the Conservatives 18 and the Liberals one: Jon Gerrard. Two seats are vacant. NDP Premier Greg Selinger is expected to drop the election writ within days, likely next Tuesday.

Talk at the Grits election kick-off event also turned to the idea of a merger between the federal Liberals and New Demoratic Party.

It is an idea that Trudeau, the MP for Papineau, was quick to dismiss. He said the notion is being propagated by the media but it has no traction.

"The only people that talking about merger are media and [Winnipeg NDP MP] Pat Martin. You know it makes for an interesting story, I just don't see how it can happen."