A small group of anti-poverty protesters braved the cold Friday morning at the Manitoba Legislature to repeat calls for the NDP government to raise Employment and Income Assistance.

The group Make Poverty History said assistance for Manitoba's poorest people ranks third lowest in the country when the cost of living is factored in. 

Spokesperson Pat Hyrnkow said the result is many people struggle to pay for a place to live.

"Some people are having to give up food and other necessities to meet their rent or having to go to food banks to supplement their living for the rest of the month once they do pay it," she said. 

Hyrnkow said as it is, many low-income earners live in sub-standard housing.

"Some don't meet government regulations where they are actually living," she said. "The houses aren't up to standard, because that's all they can afford."

Make Poverty History is also calling on the government to create a new disability benefit for people who not able to work.