The Manitoba government is proposing legislation it says will protect car buyers against false and misleading advertising and will require dealers to use all-in pricing.

"We want to ensure the price Manitobans see when they buy a vehicle is the price they pay," said Premier Greg Selinger.

"Buying a car is an important and major purchase for Manitoba families and we want to protect them from paying more than the advertised price."

The improved protections would:

  • Require advertised prices for vehicles to include all fees, charges, levies and taxes, unless the advertisement indicates PST and GST are not included.
  • Require vehicle advertisements for the current and previous model year to state if the vehicle is used.
  • Prohibit false advertising and the providing of false information to consumers.

"These improved protections will also give us a broader range of tools for enforcement and give our Consumer Protection Office the authority to issue compliance orders and impose administrative penalties of up to $5,000 against dealers in violation of these new rules," said Healthy Living, Seniors and Consumer Affairs Minister Jim Rondeau.

Rondeau noted the proposed advertising changes have support from the dealership industry and consumer-based organizations.

"This move will level the playing field and raise advertising standards for the entire industry," said John Carey, past president of the Manitoba Motor Dealers Association.

This plan would protect consumers shopping for and purchasing motor vehicles are part of Manitoba's five-year plan for stronger consumer protections.

Other initiatives under the plan include clearer rules for cell phone contracts, mandatory warranty on new homes, payday loan and debt settlement fee regulation, and protection for consumers related to car repairs.