Tenants of a Manitoba Housing complex in downtown Winnipeg are relieved to have water again, after they spent the weekend without water due to a water main break.

The water main break happened Friday in the 300 block of Assiniboine Avenue, where the apartment building is located.

One tenant told CBC News that cold water started flowing in his suite on Saturday night, but it wasn't until Sunday that warm water was restored.

"I woke up Friday to have my shower, my regular shower. There was no shower," Ronald Ducharme said with a laugh.

"All the water was in the basement."

Ducharme, who uses a wheelchair, added that a broken elevator made it difficult for elderly and disabled tenants to get in and out of their suites.

Manitoba Housing is expecting to have full water service, including hot water, restored throughout the building by Monday, a government spokesperson said in an email late Sunday.

Tenants were provided with drinking water during the outage, the spokesperson added.

The Assiniboine Avenue building has 116 occupied residential units, according to the province.