A landslide that caused a sinkhole to form on Highway 83 in western Manitoba is still moving, with the land sinking a few inches each day, according to the province.

Part of the highway near Asessippi Provincial Park, between Russell and Roblin, Man., has been closed since a section of the road collapsed last week.

Ron Weatherburn, a director with the province's Infrastructure and Transportation Department, told CBC News the sinkhole has dropped by about seven metres in some places.

"It's now moving an inch a day, or a few inches a day, so it is definitely slowing, and that's what we had expected," he said Monday.

"These slides don't typically happen in a few minutes or a few seconds," he added.

"They had noticed previously that there was some small amount of movement there, and then were taking precautionary measures, and then the larger slide started to occur."

Security guards have recently been posted at the site to keep people away from the sinkhole, according to people living in the area.

Weatherburn said a geotechnical consultant has been hired as provincial officials continue to figure out what to do next.

The province may have to move the highway, which would cost millions of dollars, Weatherburn said.