Elizabeth May is the lone voice for the Green Party in Parliament and the only national leader, so far, to visit Manitoba to personally endorse party candidates for the upcoming provincial election.

It was standing-room only as the federal leader helped the provincial party officially launch its election campaign at the University of Winnipeg on Wednesday evening.

Flooding in Manitoba and the province's embattled hog industry are clear examples of why energy, food and water policies need to be given top priority in the election campaign, May said.

"The decisions that have been made in the past by people who weren't thinking about the future need to be studied, we need a forensic analysis of stupidity," she said.

Signe Knutson agrees and is running as a first-time candidate in Riding Mountain.

"All sorts of other calamities are occurring all around us and we need to step up for the Earth right now," she said.

John McLeod Arnold hasn’t decided yet who will get his vote on Oct. 4 but came out to hear what May had to say. He said he likes knowing there is an alternative to the three main parties.

"While I may not agree with all their policies, I certainly agree with their critical political perspective that they bring to the table," he said.

Almost 30 candidates have now put up their names to run for the Green Party in Manitoba. They're hoping to have all 57 ridings represented.