Kids across the province will be cycling safer as part of the province’s Low-Cost Helmet Initiative.

Sharon Blady, Minister of Healthy Living and Seniors, announced the continuation of the program at the launch of the Manitoba Cycling Association’s series of videos promoting safe cycling.

The province has distributed in excess of 97,000 helmets to kids across Manitoba since 2006.

"After such a long winter, families just want to get outside, and what better way to enjoy the outdoors than going for a bike ride," said Blady at Meadows West School. "I'm pleased to hand out helmets today as part of the Low-Cost Bike Helmet Initiative, as we continue to raise awareness on the importance of wearing a helmet when cycling."

The videos focus on why cyclists should wear helmets, how to handle a bicycle, and how to ride in traffic.

"These are not your average run-of-the-mill safety videos," stated Twila Pitcher, executive director of the Manitoba Cycling Association, in a press release Tuesday.

"Our goal is to make these videos accessible to a broad demographic and enhance cycling safety for cyclists, drivers, educators, parents and communities," Pitcher said.

Minister Blady noted that bike helmets help prevent the risk of head and brain injury by 85 and 88 per cent, respectively.

Around 165 cyclists are taken to hospital in Manitoba annually, and 40 per cent of those injured are youth under the age of 18.