Some Manitoba cattle producers are facing big losses due to flooded-out lands.

Kevin Yuill, who has land near the Portage Diversion, a flood control structure near Portage la Prairie, estimates he has lost more than $40,000 worth of cattle feed — alfalfa hay — that he would have grown.

But his land is underwater, flooded by fail-safe cuts made in the diversion.

“That's our cattle feed for this winter so we're gonna have to buy product, to buy feed to get through,” Yuill said.

Fortunately, his animals are safe and did not need to be moved. That is the situation facing other farmers, however, as their grazing land is submerged.

It's frustrating and there's still a lot of uncertainty to come, said Yuill.

"How long is it gonna take before this water goes down and how much more damage is [going to be] done?" he said.