Manitoba experiences 2nd coldest winter in 120 years

Manitobans are shivering through the second-coldest stretch of December and January in 65 years.
Winnipeg has been bitterly cold, with temperatures plunging beyond -30 C for many days. ((CBC))

Manitobans are shivering through the coldest stretch of December and January in 65 years — and second coldest in 120 years.

Since 1894, only 1949 was colder than this, said Dave Phillips, senior climatologist at Environment Canada.

He has been looking over the records for those months and found Winnipeg had 21 days below –30 C. Typically, there are only nine of those by this time of year.

"And you didn't have any –40s [this year], which is quite remarkable, but wow!," he said.

There was a day in that span when temperatures soared and created a mushy thaw, but it only lasted about six hours, Phillips noted.

He expects the colder-than-normal weather will continue into February but is sticking by his prediction in the fall that winter will not last as long as last year, when the snow stuck around to nearly May.