A series of new reports have found employers in Manitoba are suppressing worker compensation claims from employees.

Three reports drafted by the Manitoba labour minister’s advisory council on workplace health and safety and an independent expert were submitted to the province for review recently.

The reports found some employers in Manitoba are suppressing claims from injured workers.

"There are some bad employers out there," said Kevin Rebeck of the Manitoba Federation of Labour.

Rebeck said some employers take steps to suppress claims to Manitoba’s Workers Compensation Board either through threats or rewards.

Businesses that have fewer claims pay lower premiums to the WCB.

"There’s a huge saving for employers if claims aren’t reported," said Rebeck.

"The system, as it stands, is based solely on reports that go into WCB, so if they are not reported, they receive a benefit."said the recommendations don’t go far enough.  

Provincial officials said it will ask the WCB to review the recommendations made in the reports and take action, but Rebeck wants to see the incentives for low reports nixed.