A Crystal City, Man. doctor is warning others about a sophisticated scam.

Vijay Sodhi said he got a call at his home this week from a man who claimed to represent the federal government.

The fraudster told him there was a serious error in his 2011 income tax, and that the Canada Revenue Agency sent the case to Federal court and convicted him.

"They are very convincing, very planned," he said. "They even gave me the case number. They gave me the federal court address, in case we hang up, so this is the address. So I googled that and that seemed like a good address in Ontario."

Sodhi said the man demanded thousands of dollars in fines. He said he got suspicious when the man told him to pay it immediately using PayPal.

"It's really threatening, you know?  Because when you hear someone saying you are convicted with a criminal case in the federal court and we're going to send this warrant arrest against you then you're thinking, so what is going on, right?"

Sodhi asked the man to call back in 10 minutes and reported the call to police, who told him it is a new scam making the rounds.