Manitoba businesses suffer after flood forecast

Some businesses in southern Manitoba are already feeling the effects of an impending flood.

Southern Manitoba business owners see dip in business, fear more to come

Some businesses in Morris, Man., say this year's flood threat could be devastating, especially if Highway 75 gets closed to traffic. 2:01

Some businesses in southern Manitoba are already feeling the effects of an impending flood.

Owners of the Bridgeview Resort Bed and Breakfast in Selkirk said flood problems are warding off potential customers.

"There’s a lot of people that don’t want to come up because they are worried about getting flooded in this area," said Louise Machinski, who owns the inn.

"I am a bed and breakfast right on the river, so if I am sandbagging, people can’t stay here."

Machinski said fisherman who typically come up to Canada from the United States are cancelling their reservations.

She said ice blocks are piling up along the water and are blocking the access fishermen would need.

Businesses fear highway flooding

Business owners in Morris, Man., said they stand to lose thousands of dollars if flood waters force the closure of Highway 75.

Lisa Wiebe runs the Morris Husky gas station. She said when waters rose in 2009, the business had to close for 36 days and lost thousands of dollars. She’s worried she’ll see a repeat this year.

"It’s staggering, and people don’t get it," said Wiebe.

"It’s not just a little bit of water. It’s a whole ton of water — tons and tons and tons of water. I mean, we suffer huge."

Wiebe said the majority of her customers are truckers who rely on Highway 75 to get to the border.

The province expects portions of the highway will have to be closed if flood waters reach 2009 levels.

 "People are saying, ‘Yeah but you have insurance.’ Well, yeah I have insurance. That’s fabulous, my building doesn’t get damaged. I don’t get insurance on my sales that I’m losing," said Wiebe.