Manitoba boosting minimum wage to $10.70

Minimum wage in Manitoba is increasing to $10.70 an hour on Oct. 1.
A CCPA-Ontario report says workers in Waterloo Region need to earn at least $16 to make ends meet. (Mark Blinch/Reuters)

Minimum wage in Manitoba is increasing to $10.70 an hour on Oct. 1.

That's a 25-cent hike from the current rate and will give Manitoba the fourth-highest minimum wage in Canada.

"We have increased the minimum wage every year since 2000. This most recent increase builds on our long-term plan to provide the lowest wage earners increased purchasing power so they can better provide for themselves and their families," Labour and Immigration Minister Erna Braun​ stated in a news release.

"It also contributes to a vibrant labour market that will help Manitoba businesses attract and retain workers."

To reduce the impact on businesses, Manitoba is the only province to have completely eliminated its small business tax, Braun noted.

That move came into effect on Dec. 1, 2010.

Since then 12,000 businesses have been taken off the provincial tax rolls, saving the owners about $55,000 every year, Braun said.