The Manitoba government has introduced legislation aimed at protecting people who are buying new homes.

The government bill will create mandatory warranties to cover buyers of newly-constructed homes from a number of defects.

"For many Manitobans, buying a new home is one of the most important investments they will make for their families' future," Consumer Affairs Minister Jim Rondeau stated in a press release.

"Our plan will help protect Manitobans buying a new home with better, extended warranty protection against construction-related defects."

New home builders will be required to secure a warranty on new houses and condominium properties issued by a third-party warranty provider, he said.

The minimum warranty coverage would be higher than that currently offered under existing voluntary home warranty programs.

The improved protections have the support of the Manitoba Home Builders' Association, Rondeau said.

"This move will promote professional building methods and put everyone on equal footing," said Mike Moore, president of the association.

"It's a positive step for builders and new home buyers alike." 

The new protections will cover:

  • Any defects in labour, materials and design in houses and condominium units for one year, and condominium common elements for 15 months.
  • Major systems such as electrical and plumbing, and building code violations resulting in unreasonable health or safety risks or material damage to the home for 24 months.
  • Defects in the building envelope, including water penetration, for two years and structural defects for seven.

The NDP government first mentioned legislation to protect people buying new houses in this week's throne speech.

The speech also referred to upcoming bills designed to protect consumers with regards to car sales and cable bills.