Manitoba ambulance hits cow, then bursts into flames

A paramedic was hurt after his vehicle hit a cow on the highway and then erupted in flames.
A burned ambulance sits in a vehicle compound, where it was towed after crashing with a cow. (Submitted)

A paramedic was hurt after his vehicle hit a cow on the highway and then erupted in flames.

An ambulance driver and patient escaped before the vehicle they were in erupted in flames. (Submitted)
It happened July 6 just outside of Dauphin.

There were two paramedics in the vehicle. One was driving and the other was attending to a patient in the back.

The patient was in the back of the ambulance and was being transported to hospital in Dauphin.

The patient and the two paramedics managed to get out of the ambulance as it was burning.

Nobody from the Prairie Mountain Health region had any information on how the driver hurt his hand, how serious the injury is, or how the patient and medics were able to get out of the ambulance.

Another ambulance from Ste. Rose du Lac, about 45 kilometres from Dauphin, came to help the pair.