A huge winter storm has hit much of eastern Canada and it's affecting Winnipeggers traveling this weekend.

Friday the storm blew through southern Ontario, Saturday morning the snow and wind are pushing through New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Anyone traveling Saturday should check the airport website to make sure their flight hasn't been cancelled. 

At least three flights to Toronto out of Richardson International Airport in Winnipeg have been cancelled.

Several arrivals from the East have also been cancelled or have been delayed.

At the Halifax airport almost every flight has been cancelled — emergency officials are warning people to stay off the roads.

In the United States the storm is even worse, leaving hundred of thousands of people without power.

All three of New York City's airports are closed as well as Boston's Logan Airport.

Forecasters are predicting Boston could get as much as 90 centimetres of snow.

Colleen Baker, a former Winnipegger who lives just outside of Boston, said people took Friday off work to shop for food and supplies.

She said winter storms in Boston are different from prairie blizzards.

"It's heavier," she said.  "It's very wet. So shovelling isn't actually even an option. The first few years  my husband and I lived in our house, didn't want to get a snowblower. We grew up…he grew up in Regina, I grew up in Winnipeg. We don't need snowblowers. We shovel."

Baker said after her first storm in Boston, they bought a snowblower.