Man worries Winnipeg road will collapse into sinkhole

A Winnipeg man fears a section of Corydon Avenue could cave in.
A Winnipeg man is worried a road, being eroded by a water main break, will collapse into a dangerous sinkhole. 1:20

A Winnipeg man fears a section of Corydon Avenue could cave in.

Right now there's a large pothole in the area, just west of Kenaston Boulevard, but the bigger concern is hidden under the surface, said Lance Mueller.

water main break that happened in March is still spewing water, which has filled the pothole and is eating away at the roadbed under the lanes of traffic.

"I believe it's going to be a sinkhole and I've called 311, I've emailed 311, [but] nothing seems to be being done about it," he said. "The area's not even being cordoned off."