A man wants to see trapping banned in Grand Beach Provincial Park after his dog was killed by a trap last month.

Rob Shura and his dog Pippin were walking through the park on Nov. 22, about 10 metres off a main trail, when she was caught in a trap, he said.

Shura tried to free the dog, but he couldn't get her loose, and she died in his arms.

"It was just complete hysterical shock," he said. "To be quite honest I remained that way for quite some time … I was just weeping over her body. I can still remember her looking at me."

Shura said Pippin was caught in a Conibear 220 trap — a body gripping trap, made to kill wild animals quickly.

It's usually used to catch  animals such as raccoons and beavers.

Though trapping is permitted seasonally in Grand Beach Provincial Park, Shura said a Manitoba conservation officer told him this particular trap was set illegally.

"I never realized that there could be something as lethal as the trap that my dog got killed in," said Shura. "I had never really experienced the horror of an animal being caught in a trap."

After losing Pippin, Shura wants all trapping to be completely banned in the park.

Grand Beach Provincial Park is located about 95 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg.