Keith Dyck wasn't planning on going to the Winnipeg Folk Festival. And even though he did, he didn't get to spend the weekend enjoying much music. 

Dyck spent the time looking for his $4,000 custom-made 'chopper-style' bicycle, which was stolen around 2:30 a.m. Saturday.

​Dyck, a musician in a bluegrass band who was volunteering at the festival, said he was sleeping in his tent under the trees when someone rode off with the bike. 

"Its frame is like a low rider-style Harley," he told CBC News on Thursday morning.

"It looks like a Harley Davidson chopper without a motor. Guys on Harleys have double-taked me, you know, 'What? That dude's pedalling!'"

Dyck said friends told him they saw a male and female peddling off on it. 


Keith Dyck said his custom-make 'chopper-style' bike was stolen from his tent at the Winnipeg Folk Festival early Saturday morning. (Keith Dyck)

"My friend saw it tear out of our campground then the person got up and took off with it," he said.

"You know, with just enough time for them to think, 'Hey, is that Keith's bike? Hey, is Keith lending them his bike? Hey, wait a minute, Keith wouldn't lend them their bike.' And then it was too gone."

Dyck admits he didn't lock the bike, despite a warning from festival organizers to make sure their items are secured.

He said it's "totally out of character" to have something like that stolen at the event.

"It doesn't fit, right?," he said. "God, I had the worst story to tell. Everybody else is having a really great time and it was a great festival. For three days I was super happy and having a really good time and it wasn't just the bike, it was a good festival," he said.

"After that, I was just consumed with the 'looking for my bike' thing, running into a thousand people, friends and a bunch of people that saw it, 'Hey that was a really cool bike, dude.' And all I can say is, 'Yeah, someone took it.'"

Later on Thursday, Dyck said someone contacted him to say the bike was in a ditch along Highway 44. He retrieved it that afternoon.