The sheds behind Charlie Warman's house in St. Boniface have been rented out to homeless people for about two years. ((CBC))

A man living in a shed behind a Winnipeg home is allegedly threatening people in the area, including one who has gone so far as to apply for a restraining order.

The man has been urinating in the alley and yelling and swearing at people in the St. Boniface neighbourhood, where he rents a retrofitted shed behind the home of Charlie Warman on Horace Street, according to George Richter, who lives nearby.

"He's threatening my life, threatening to cut my head off and shove it up my rear end. And he's done that on numerous occasions," said Richter, who applied on Tuesday for a restraining order.

Residents say the man has made living in the area a hostile experience.

"It's kind of scary. If you're walking down the back lane you don't know if he's going to pop out or if he's drunk," said Vanessa Day, 16.


A notice was issued by the province in April for the sheds to be vacated. ((CBC))

"You kind of just don't know what he's going to do."

Neighbours don't understand why Warman is still able to rent out the sheds, which have been a source of controversy in the area for two years.

Warman was ordered by the province in November 2008 to shut down the sheds, which are insulated, drywalled and equipped with a bed, shelving and some basic electrical service.

The Manitoba Health Department declared them a health hazard and posted a sign saying no one is to be living inside.

However, Warman has continued to rent them for about $100 per month, telling CBC News in previous interviews that he is just trying to help homeless people who can't afford to pay for an apartment.


A man who was living in a shed in St. Boniface showed his home to CBC News in September. ((CBC))

He was fined $247 by the province in the fall of 2009 but that has still not deterred Warman.

Despite notices tacked to the sheds, Warman continues to make them available for rent.

"We have to get those shacks removed because the police come and remove him and ask him to leave [but] I can watch from my window and two hours later he'll show up back again," said neighbour Darrell Fast.

Residents in the area don't think the province is doing enough to force the man permanently out of the shed, so they plan to patiently pressure him by requesting every day that he move out.

They won't stop until he finally agrees, they said.