Man in critical condition after assault in Osborne Village

Blood and police tape mark off parts of Winnipeg's Osborne Village where a man was assaulted Thursday morning.

Baseball cap, pool of blood on sidewalk where police investigate assault scene

Members of the police identification unit come out of the Osborne Village Inn on Thursday. (Meaghan Ketcheson/CBC)
Blood marks the site of an assault at Osborne Street and Stradbrook Avenue on Thursday. (Meaghan Ketcheson/CBC)
Blood and police tape mark off parts of Winnipeg's Osborne Village where a man was assaulted Thursday morning.

It happened just before 4 a.m. The man is in hospital in critical condition with multiple injuries, according to police.

There are two scenes being investigated in the area. One is outside the Osborne Village Inn and the other, marked by blood and a baseball cap on the sidewalk, is near a parking lot at the corner of Osborne Street and Stradbrook Avenue.

Obby Khan stands outside his restaurant, Green Carrot, on Thursday after arriving to work to find police tape across the front door. (Meaghan Ketcheson/CBC)
So far, police have not made an arrest.

The scene with the blood and ball cap is close to Obby Khan's restaurant, the Green Carrot Juice Co., which opened last month.

On Wednesday, he was catering a lunch for the Royal visit to Winnipeg by Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. On Thursday, he walks into a bloody police scene near his business.

The police tape is right across the Green Carrot door.

But Khan said the incident hasn't diminished his enthusiasm for the village area.

"Crime's everywhere, you know. Unfortunately, it's by my business," he said.

The northbound lane of Osborne Street is closed to traffic and police are asking drivers to avoid the area.