A man in western Manitoba has been fined by RCMP after five of his cows fell out of a trailer on the Trans-Canada Highway on Wednesday morning.

RCMP say the animals fell out of the back of a westbound farm trailer that was hauling several cattle from a farm near Pilot Mound, Man., to a livestock yard near Brandon shortly before noon CT.

One cow was found seriously injured on the Trans-Canada at Road 75W, about 14 kilometres east of Carberry, Man. RCMP said they had to put the animal down.

Another one that fell out of the trailer was found in the same spot. It was corralled and taken to a livestock yard.

Police say three other cows remain missing.

The driver of the trailer was a 52-year-old man from the Rural Municipality of Louise. He was also the owner of the cattle, according to RCMP.

The man was fined $295 under Manitoba's Highway Traffic Act for transporting livestock in a manner that would cause injury or unnecessary suffering.

Police say no vehicles hit any of the cows.