Winnipeg police are investigating after a man died in a holding cell at a homeless shelter.

The 51-year-old man checked himself into The Main Street Project last week but was taken to the non-voluntary holding area after causing disturbance early Friday morning.

Police officers were called in to escort the man to a holding cell in the facility, but hours later, they were called back after the man was discovered dead.

Doug Bruce was on cleanup duty at the shelter on Friday morning. He said he discovered the body.

“I was trying to wake him up, and I said, ‘Hey excuse me. Morning,’” said Bruce. “He was stiff. His lip was blue.”

Officers are now investigating the death but say so far it doesn’t appear to be suspicious.

Officials with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and Main Street Project will only say the chief medical examiner's office is investigating.

The Main Street Project is the only shelter and drop-in centre in downtown Winnipeg that will take in people who are intoxicated.