Man dead after dog attack in Winnipeg's North End

A man has died after a dog attack in Winnipeg's North End.

Sources say 2 dogs involved, but man also had a heart attack

A 58-year-old man has died after a dog attack in Winnipeg's North End. 2:02

A 58-year-old man has died after a dog attack in Winnipeg's North End.

Winnipeg police say Animal Services seized two dogs who attacked the man Thursday night in the 1100 block of Mountain Avenue.

Police were contacted at about 10:30 p.m Thursday for a medical call. They found the man outside the residence and he was taken to hospital in critical condition where he later passed away.
Police and animal services officers speak to a man Friday at the scene of a dog attack in Winnipeg, after which a man died. (Kiran Dhillon/CBC)

It's unclear however, what he died of, since sources say the man also went into cardiac arrest at some point in the night.

Police said the cause of death has not yet been determined and they are not releasing the man's name. 

But sources told CBC News the man was at a friend's house and went into the backyard, where he was attacked by two dogs.

Police confirmed that animal control officers have seized the dogs.  

Mike Pepe lives near the home where the incident happened. He said he'd seen the dogs peering over a fence and barking. 

"It's unbelievable, for it to happen so close to home," he said. "Living in the North End, you always hear sirens and stuff. You don't think anything of it, and last night I didn't hear anything of it and I can't believe that that happened. Especially that he passed away as well, that's shocking."

Police said their investigation is continuing. 


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