Aboriginal leaders called Monday for the construction of an all-season road in northeastern Manitoba in order to correct issues with critical infrastructure.

Island Lake First Nation Chief David McDougall said two of the four reserves he's in charge of don't have running water or sewer pipes.

In order to change that, McDougall said the federal government should step in to fund a full-time road. While the communities in Island Lake can sometimes use winter roads in the colder months, in the summer, essentials must be airlifted in or brought in by boat.

"The winter road lasted only a couple of weeks this past year," McDougall said.

"And we have had to do certain airlifts. We are very much in a third-world condition," he said.

The estimated cost of building the road is $1.5 billion. The province has committed to working towards constructing one, but McDougall said without federal help, it could take as long as 30 years before it's built.