Man arrested in violent carjacking in Winnipeg

A man who was wanted in connection to a violent carjacking on Monday in Winnipeg has been arrested.
Jason Dean Bercier was arrested Wednesday night in connection to a violent carjacking in Winnipeg. (Winnipeg Police Service)

A man who was wanted in connection to a violent carjacking on Monday in Winnipeg has been arrested.

Jason Dean Bercier, 35, was arrested Wednesday night, police said.

He was located inside an apartment in the 100 block of Smith Street downtown.

He is charged with robbery, 10 counts of assault with a weapon, failing to comply with court orders, mischief and possession of a weapon.

Bercier is accused of using a knife to threaten staff from an electronics store, stealing a truck and beating the woman who was driving it, then aiming the truck at the store staff, who had chased him into a parking lot.

It all started just before 12:30 p.m. Monday in the St. James area of the city.

Police said security staff at the electronics department store on Ellice Avenue believed Bercier was stealing items from the store and followed him out into the parking lot and across the street into a Walmart parking lot.

When they confronted him, Bercier ran to the nearby Superstore parking lot, police said. He then pulled out a knife and made stabbing motions toward them, police added.

They said Bercier then grabbed onto a passing pickup truck, assaulted the woman who was driving, and stole the vehicle. He then drove the truck at the security staff, who were checking out a duffle bag Bercier had dropped, police said.

The staff scattered and Bercier jumped out, grabbed the bag, got back in the truck and sped off.

The 56-year-old woman, who police said Bercier assaulted, suffered minor injuries.

Police found the abandoned stolen truck in the 600 block of Sargent Avenue later that same evening.