A 34-year-old man has been charged with dangerous operation of an aircraft after allegedly flying a motorized glider within Winnipeg city limits.

"It very out of the ordinary but having said that, it has to be taken seriously," said Winnipeg police spokesman Const. Eric Hofley.

The man was spotted by the police helicopter on Thursday night, just before 9:30 p.m., in the air above Wilkes Avenue and Charleswood Road.

The AIR1 helicopter directed ground crews to the man's location, where he was arrested after landing.

The man, who was paragliding without a license, had previously been warned by Transport Canada about flying in a restricted area.

"What we have here is a huge public safety issue. This fellow was operating a powered parachute within restricted airspace," said Hofley.

"Airplanes are landing and taking off from Winnipeg International Airport. You must be licensed to operate this type of aircraft."

Flight instructor Barry Morwick said a parachute with a motor is considered an aircraft.

“He was in a very dangerous situation, and he should have been trained and he would know not to fly there or contact the tower before launching,” said Morwick.

Morwick said to fly a para-motor, a license that takes 25 hours of training is needed.

“He was flying in the worst possible spot because it was really close to the airport,” he said.