Criminal charges have been laid Thursday after a woman was allegedly pushed from a vehicle at the intersection of St. Mary's Road and St. Anne's Road early Wednesday morning by her partner, later dying of her injuries.

Police have identified the Winnipeg victim as 35-year-old Jennie Lynda Lee Graves.

Keith Ryan Thompson, the 35-year-old man behind the wheel, was in a common-law relationship with Graves.

Jennie Graves

Jennie Graves, 35, died on Wednesday after she was allegedly forced out of a vehicle at the intersection of St. Mary's Road and St. Anne's Road. Her common-law partner, 35-year-old Keith Ryan Thompson, has been charged in connection with her death. (Facebook)

Const. Eric Hofley said Graves and Thompson were driving when they got in an argument and she was forced out of the moving vehicle, police said.

Hofley said Graves was then run over by the rear wheels of the vehicle, which CBC has learned was a Popeye's Movers truck.

"Upon being pushed out of that vehicle the rear tires did catch her," said Hofley. "She went to hospital critical as was released yesterday and then unfortunately succumbed to those injuries."

Thompson allegedly drove several blocks before finally coming to a halt, police said.

Hofley said someone who witnessed the incident followed Thompson and brought him back to the scene.

"The witness was unsure at that point but certainly saw the second half of the accident and saw that that vehicle was continuing on and felt that it was prudent to follow.”

Thompson was arrested at the scene and is facing several charges, including criminal negligence and driving while ability impaired causing death, for his alleged involvement in Graves’ death. He remains in custody.

Accused driving a mover's truck

Ruth Magnuson lives near the scene of the incident. She said she saw police looking for evidence around the truck.

"When I came out and looked out my window, there was a Popeye's truck on the street," said Magnuson. "Then I saw there was a police car there as well and an identification unit came."

St. Mary's fatal

Beer cans and a woman's purse and shoes were all bagged as evidence at the scene of the collision. (CBC)

Mark Routley, owner of Popeye's Movers, said Thompson was not authorized to use the company vehicle at the time of the accident.

Routley said he is trying to come to grips with the horror of what happened.

"I don't know the details but very tragic accident involving the driver. Excellent employee that is the thing that is so shocking."

Routley said Thompson had worked with Popeye’s on and off for about five years. 

The collision happened around 2:40 a.m. Wednesday. The victim was taken to hospital in critical condition but died of her injuries.

Beer cans and a woman's purse and sandals were lying in the middle of the road and bagged as evidence.

The St. Mary's Road and St. Anne's Road intersection was closed throughout Wednesday morning rush hour but reopened just before 9 a.m.