Police officers are livid over a decision Friday by a Winnipeg judge to grant bail to Daniell Anderson, a Winnipeg man charged with two counts of attempted murder after a drug raid on his home last year.

From muttering under their breath to open displays of anger, Winnipeg police officers demonstrated their disgust over the decision as they filed out of a Winnipeg courtroom Friday afternoon.

"What kind of justice system is this?" one uniformed member grumbled outside the courtroom.

Three Winnipeg officers and Anderson were injured in an exchange of gunfire during a police raid at his parents' home on Jubilee Avenue in December 2006.

In her decision, Queen's Bench Justice Karen Simonson overturned a provincial court ruling to deny Anderson bail.

He's been placed on an absolute curfew with the exception of four hours a week to visit his lawyer, go to church and attend medical appointments.

The judge placed a weapons prohibition on Anderson and called for a $50,000 surety to guarantee his release, a requirement his family was arranging Friday afternoon.

The judge also made a condition that Anderson be subject, at any time, to searches of his home without warrants.

'He's out ... He should be'

Anderson's lawyer, Roberta Campbell, said she was pleased with the decision, saying, "He's out. He should be."

But Loren Schinkel, president of the Winnipeg Police Association, said union members are outraged by the move.

"From the perspective of themembership, little has changed with this individual since the incident in December, and these are extremely violent allegations, albeit before the courts," he said.

"But then again certainly if public safety and the public interest isn't served, that means our front-line members aren't being served as well. And ultimately the public should be just as outraged because you know this individual is back out on the street."

Police found just under two kilograms of marijuana scattered through the home, including in a closet in Anderson's parents' bedroom, in the basement, and under a bed in the room Anderson shared with his girlfriend.

Anderson pleaded guilty in May to a single charge of drug trafficking. Two other charges, for possession of drugs and proceeds of crime, were stayed. He was sentenced to the 153 days he had already served in custody.

Hismother and father and his girlfriend had been charged with drug-related offences, but those charges were dropped in early June after Anderson, who had no police record before the December incident, took sole responsibility for the drugs in the home.

One of the injured officers, who had been shot in the leg, returned to duty shortly after the shooting. Two others, shot in the arm and stomach, have not yet returned to work.