A rural Manitoba high school has taken the idea of building skills in its students to new heights. And widths. And depths.

Shops class in Lundar School started at the ground level and is ending up with the roof on a brand new, energy efficient 1056 square foot house. 

Building materials worth nearly $50,000 were donated by McMunn and Yates in Eriksdale, making the project possible. 

The school hopes to reimburse the company by auctioning off the house on June 16.

The 50 high school students involved have been putting in hard labour since September.

Grade 10 student Thomas Johnnson said he's learned to work as a team. He's proud of what they've done. 

"It's been neat to see," he said. "It started off as nothing and it's really come along."

Lundar's industrial arts teacher, Donald Nikkel, is thrilled with the building crew's work. 

"The house is looking great," he said. "We've got two weeks to go and I'm sure it will come down to the last minute. But I'm sure we're going to get there."

A few finishing touches remain, like drywalling some of the walls. 

Nikkel said it's going to be hard when the house is sold and it's all over. 

"It's gonna be a little bit sad," he said. "A little bit hard to see a moving truck come and pick the place up and move it."

It's not the Lundar students' first major building project.  Last year they built a timber-frame outdoor classroom.

They've picked up practical skills such as framing, building walls, and installing siding.

But Nikkel said the students have gained more than just concrete skills. 

"Things like determination and patience and sticking with it," he said. "This winter was one of the coldest on record and these students - every single day - walked out of the school door, even when it was minus 40 - and started banging nails."

Grade 12 student Stephen Thomas said he never thought he'd be able to build a home.

And most others didn't think they could either. 

But they surprised themselves. Thomas hopes they can surprise others, too. 

"People think, 'Well, we'll put you on easy jobs because you're still young,'" he said. "But we can build anything. Just gotta teach us how."

What shops class in Lundar tackles next year is anybody's guess. 

The completed home will be on display at Lundar's Ag Fair June 13.