Kirby and Marie Fontaine are once again sharing their wealth with Manitoba charities, popping in and writing cheques and wiping out deficits.

Kirby and Marie Fontaine

Kirby and Marie Fontaine have been generous with their winnings after collecting a $50 million lottery prize in 2009. (CBC)

​Christmas Cheer Board executive director Kai Madsen said the couple came into the office on Monday and left behind a cheque for $100,000. That's twice as much as they left last year.

"There was a shriek at the front of the building and they said, 'we're back.' It's awesome," Madsen said. "We don't have a deficit anymore."

After the Cheer Board, the Fontaines moved on to Rossbrook House, a youth drop-in centre in Winnipeg's inner-city Centennial neighbourhood, The Winnipeg Boys and Girls Club and then Winnipeg Harvest food bank. Rossbrook House and Winnipeg Harvest each got $100,000.

Winnipeg Harvest's director of development Kate Brenner said she did a "happy dance" when she learned of the donation.

"Oh my goodness, this doesn't happen everyday. Our heartfelt thanks to these wonderful and generous folks who expect nothing back for this incredibly generous gift," she said.

But the couple didn’t stop at the food bank. They then went to Siloam Mission and handed over $100,000, double what they donated to the shelter last year.

Siloam Missions’ Elizabeth Creed said the cash will go to the shelter’s operations to keep their programs and services running.

“[We’re] happy to be included as one of the many charities that they’ve chosen to help. This late in the year anything helps, and this helps a lot!” said Creed.

The Fontaines, who don't seek out publicity, won $50 million in a Lotto Max draw in 2009 and have been quietly helping charities and other causes around Manitoba ever since.