Manitoba's flood forecasters said Saturday the province didn't get as much rain and snow as the forecast had called for, and that's translating into mostly good news. 

The Interlake received approximately five to 12 millimetres, the Parkland and western Manitoba regions five to 10 mm, eastern Manitoba saw between two and 10 mm and the Red River Valley less than five.

selinger cloutier drive

Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger was out touring Cloutier Drive Saturday. He said he can smile because so far there is no flooding. (Katie Nicholson/CBC)

They said run-off potential on the Fisher River in the northern Interlake increased slightly.

The province said flows on the Fisher may be high enough to overtop the banks at Dallas, unless the melt is slow, and that officials in communities along the Fisher River have been notified about the possibility of high water.

In the Parkland and Dauphin areas, the crest on tributaries has been revised downward. 

high water at forks

River water rose over the steps at the Forks Saturday. (Tamara Pimentel/CBC)

The province said a "substantial ice jam" was reported on the Red River south of Selkirk, but that it is not causing any problems.

Officials said the Red River is nearing its crest at Emerson with flows around 35,000 cubic feet per second.

The Red River upstream of the floodway inlet is expected to crest between April 22 and 24.

sandbags cloutier drive

Sandbags sit at the ready at a home on Cloutier Drive Saturday, as a precautionary measure. The homeowner tells CBC there has been no flooding so far. (Katie Nicholson/CBC)

The floodway has not been put into operation.

Premier Greg Selinger toured Cloutier Drive Saturday, where two properties received sandbags as a precautionary measure. He also toured the floodway control structure and said he was pleased there has been no flooding so far.

As for the Assiniboine River, some minor flooding on farm land is occurring in the Brandon Valley area.

A high water advisory is still in place for the Assiniboine River from Griswold to Portage la Prairie.

Flows on the Portage Diversion are around 3,880 cfs.