Lost war medal gets closure

It's a wonderful end to a story about a Manitoba war medal. Find out what happened to Private J.C. Hooper.
Mysterious war medal raised questions about owner. (Janice Moeller/CBC)

It's a wonderful end to a story about a Manitoba war medal.

Last week, Information Radio host Marcy Markusa spoke to Carolyn Henrick, a Winnipeg woman who is also her cousin.

Henrick was cleaning out her parents home after they died last year and found an old British medal from the first world war. The name Private J.C. Hooper was stamped on it. Her hope was to find Hooper's family and return the medal to them.

Since the story aired, CBC listeners and viewers from across the country have called and emailed. One listener helped connect CBC with an 87-year-old man named Ian Wees in Ottawa. Private Hooper was his uncle. And Wees' sister, 81-year-old Ida Brown, lives right here in Winnipeg.

It turns out that Private John Campbell Hooper served in Europe overseas in the First World War. He returned home with shell shock and developed epilepsy.

His death in 1927 was due to complications from his illness and he died on the evening of his 30th birthday.   

The medal will be returned to Brown and Wees in the next few weeks.

Hear the whole conclusion to this story on Information Radio on Wednesday November 13 between 7 and 8  a.m.


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