Luigi Deangelis, 43, was released Friday from prison in Stony Mountain. Police said he's expected to live in Winnipeg. ((RCMP))

Manitoba police are warning the public that a long-term sexual offender is back on the streets and expected to live in Winnipeg after being released from prison.

Luigi Deangelis, 43, was released from Stony Mountain Institution on Friday after serving an 18-month sentence for breaching a supervision order, a joint Winnipeg police-RCMP high-risk offender unit said Monday.

Deangelis, who was designated a long-term offender by the courts following a 2003 sexual assault conviction, is expected to live in Winnipeg, police said. He will be bound by conditions of his long-term offender order while out in public, police said.

The federal government introduced legislation designating some offenders "long-term" in 1997 over concerns some high-risk or sexual offenders needed additional supervision after serving their sentences. The designation allows police to keep tabs on these offenders, much as probation officers would, for offenders on supervised probation.

Police would not reveal the conditions of Deangelis' supervision order.

Police said Deangelis also has prior convictions, including committing indecent acts, criminal harassment and possession of a prohibited weapon. His crimes include attacks on women he didn't know, police said in a statement.

Police said although Deangelis participated in sex-offender treatment programs in the past, he is still considered a high-risk to reoffend.

Police said they will not tolerate any form of vigilante activity or other unreasonable conduct directed toward Deangelis.

Police said that if anyone has information about Deangelis and wants to speak to a police officer, they should call the Manitoba Integrated High Risk Sex Offender Unit at 204-984-1888.