If you’re planning to make a New Year’s resolution tomorrow, you may want to start small.

Ryan Anderson

If you want to keep your New Year resolution, avoid making overblown promises to yourself, says Ryan Anderson. (Courtesy Ryan Anderson)

That’s the advice local life coach Ryan Anderson is giving Winnipeggers.

He said when it comes to deciding on resolutions, it’s best to keep them basic.

“What’s your goal about? Who is it for? Is it for you, is it for someone else, why are you doing it?” he said. “I know it sounds really basic, but sometimes we just have to break it down like that.”

He said many of his clients at Motivate Life Coaching want to improve their finances and relationships, but the most common resolution is fitness-related.

“Resolution number one is usually losing weight, getting in shape,” said Anderson.

He added if you want to keep your resolution, you should avoid making overblown promises to yourself.

“How about a minimum amount? Maybe once, maybe twice. Because that way, then you’re going to see the small successes,” he said. “So just start slow and then make the progress from there and work your way up.”

Anderson said January is one of the busiest months for life coaches in Winnipeg, with September also being high on the list.