An example of toys Project Peacemaker says promote violence and aggression.

A local group called Project Peacemakers has paid a visit to stores around Winnipeg checking to see how violent the toys they carry are.

The group has given each shop a rating varying between 'excellent' to 'needs improvement.'

Among the excellent ratings were Ten Thousand Villages, Toad Hall and the Children's Museum. 

The people behind the project are hoping it will encourage parents to skip buying violent toys this holiday season. 

Dianne Cooper, who's part of the group, said stores such as Toys r Us and BJ's Toy Store need to reconsider what they are selling.

"If you give them a gun to play with, what do guns do, they shoot at people, so not a good toy in our estimation," said Cooper. 

Cooper says she hopes parents will pick toys that encourage creativity and imagination, not promote violence and war.