Bob Axworthy, the younger brother of former Manitoba Liberal MP Lloyd Axworthy, will run for the provincial Liberals in next month's byelection in Fort Whyte.

Liberal officials say Bob Axworthy has lived in the constituency for 13 years, runs his own business, and has been involved with the local community club as a coach.

Lloyd Axworthy, who served as a Winnipeg MP and cabinet minister during his 21 years in federal office, is currently president of the University of Winnipeg.

The provincial Liberals are expected to formally introduce Bob Axworthy as their candidate on Wednesday morning.

He will run in the Sept. 4 byelection against Brian Pallister, who was recently named leader of the Progressive Conservatives, and NDP candidate Brandy Schmidt.

All three are vying for the Winnipeg-area riding, which was vacated following the resignation of former PC leader Hugh McFadyen last month.

There are currently 37 New Democrats, 18 Progressive Conservatives, one Liberal and one vacant seat in the Manitoba legislature.

The Liberals' sole seat belongs to party leader Jon Gerrard, who has said he will step down after a new leader is chosen.